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Dom Tak Electric (DTE) is the latest inovation of AV-Plus. It is the evolution of acoustic oriental percussions. In the world of high definition sounds , high powered speakers & loud SPL on stage , AV-Plus decided that it was time to introduce a modest contribution to the music industry. Some recording engineers decided to adopt the brand in their studios too..

Based on some of the best dynamic microphones available , AV-Plus has built a series of oriental hand played percussions with built in microphones. The result is a consistent sound due to the fixed distance between the microphones & the skin of the instrument.

And since those percussions instruments consist of producing two basic sounds (Dom & Tak) , DTE comes with two microphones specially chosen to match the SPL & the characteristic of those two sounds. Positioning of the microphones is optimized for the best capture of sound & acoustically isolated from the sound of the hand touching the instrument.

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